Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 2013

So i have had a positive Strep throat culture twice now in less than one month. I am really tired of being sick. This happened a couple years ago and we found that Zakary was his own worst enemy,he ws a carrier and he and i kept passing it back and forth,like three times till we got it under control. We are all in the process of having everyone here cultured again today to see if this is in fact the problem,again. If not?? well.....Then we have more to look deeper into. Why so much and so often. I am really tired of this,and in about a month will be heading to Idaho with Laurel and DONT want to get sick again,that would be just about the right timeing. I will keep you posted if we have our own petri dish right here in the house when we get results.

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