Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 2013

So i have had a positive Strep throat culture twice now in less than one month. I am really tired of being sick. This happened a couple years ago and we found that Zakary was his own worst enemy,he ws a carrier and he and i kept passing it back and forth,like three times till we got it under control. We are all in the process of having everyone here cultured again today to see if this is in fact the problem,again. If not?? well.....Then we have more to look deeper into. Why so much and so often. I am really tired of this,and in about a month will be heading to Idaho with Laurel and DONT want to get sick again,that would be just about the right timeing. I will keep you posted if we have our own petri dish right here in the house when we get results.


We finally have a foundation to our addition. I am really waiting for the day i come home and there is a addition,rooms with walls,paint and the kids are unpacking their belongings in their own rooms. Stan says its not likely to happen that way. Here are pics,we are on our way!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17 2013 Swimming Lessons

The kids first real official day of Summer vacation. Swim lessons.....Laurel and Zak are the only 2 kids in that class so they are getting real one on one lessons. love it. They were moved up from level 2 to level 3,i had guessed wrong which level they belonged in.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 2013

June.....Finally the Permits are done!!! there were some odds and ends that had to be taken care of on the Engineers part....They say it is all done now and the foundation will be poured soon....... Meantime we are looking into a "Green" loan,that some one just told us about. Our contractor had to do a bid regarding the amount of building that will be "green". took a bit more time but now we are waiting for a hopeful approval for that in the next day or so. Laurel had the "Spring Fling" program at her gym. The theme was "American Idol" so all the girls did a dance/routine to a song that was from one of the American Idol stars. Laurel also had one a place in the fund raiser that many of you donated to and won a 100.00 gift card. thanks to all of you,our gym will catch up from the flood we suffered in December and the program will continue. The kids go to an awesome Charter School and each year they do what they call "Celebration of the Arts". The school does "expeditionary" learning where they do lots of outdoor education, the Wetlands,tools,etc...so each class does a dance from one of their favorite expeditions for their year. We are very lucky to have two wonderful dance teachers(yes,we all donate to the arts in order to get the dance and art program). The program is awesome and the kids have an amazing time. Its a big event towards the end of the year. Zakary did the "Hero" project this year in second grade,last year Laurel did Martin Luther King,im sure some of you recall that. It was a wonderfully done project and they present it to the entire school. This year Zak choose Leonardo De VInci(yes,he picked that himself and did most all the research for himself(dad helped with internet pics). He too,did an awesome job and got the top score that he could get for it. We are very proud of him. His speech also,is coming right along with the help of the speech therapist at school. Zakary sort of came in to his own this year,second grade was a huge success for him. He is EXTREMELY smart,and as his teacher said just today, "Many kids are really good at Math,or science but zak is really good in math.....and English......and science.....and logic........and reasoning......... He is just really bright. His teacher gave an academic award to the three top kids in the class, all three were boys(i found that to be amazing)and Zak was #1......We are REALLY REALLY proud of him. He loved his teacher this year,a lovely older gal,very experienced and new at this school. She came from a pretty tough school after many years and this is really a picnic for her,the school,the kids and all the parent participation. He and she have been very close,she call him her "go to guy". She just glows when she talks about him. Its sooooo wonderful to see such success........ laurel finished third grade, her class had a picnic,pajama day and stuffed animals,pillows and blankets for their movie. and then long recess and then awards. Dad and I go from class to class for their last days of school. Its alot of fun to spend time with both and have parties. laurel has had the same teacher for second and now third grade,she really has enjoyed her,we are hoping that Zak gets her in the fall(he prob will). Laurels teacher even came to one of Laurels gym meets this year,she has really been wonderful and Laurel will miss her for sure next year. Well......Thats about all for now.....School is out.......Swim lessons begin,Tae Kwon DO and Gymnastics continue. laurel and I will go to gym camp in Idaho again this summer(july) and then meet Zak and Stan in Salem Oregon for our annual visit with the Bray family,who adopted Zaks foster sister from China.

May 2013

Not alot to write about in May. Waiting......waiting.......waiting.......on permits to continue on the addition...... WaITING>>>>>>> WAITING>>>>>>>>and More waiting........ And somewhere in between waiting and waiting i had a birthday ~!!!!! and still waiting.........

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February2 2011

Chinese New Years eve:
Sherry misses her family this eve,her family is celebrating Chinese New Years which is a huge holiday in China. Lots of parties,food and guests and gifts. She has given the kids and grandkids red envelopes with Chinese Yuen in it to put under their pillows,they are to sleep all night on it to bring good luck for the entire year to come. This is really fun.
Also,this is the eve of Zakary's 6th birthday. He has not been feeling well,we are waiting for both a strep culture and an influenza culture to come back,both negative we hope, He is running fever and feels poopy. He also we think is working on cutting 6 yr molars which is really making his mouth swollen and very sore.
Each year on His birthday,as i do the same on laurels birthdays i think of what their birth moms must be thinking and feeling about this time of the year. This year,being New Years eve in China especially i wonder what she is thinking,what was she feeling and thinking 6 yrs ago this eve,wondering what tomorrow was going to bring her,an event that would change her life but how?? she didnt realize until it happened. I think of her alot and think she was so brave to do what she did,both He and laurels birth moms. I am greatful to them both and thank them daily for allowing us to raise and love their children that they were not able to care for.
Happy Chinese New Years to you alll...and happy 6th birthday to Zakary,the eve before the big day.
I will post pics tomorrow for his birthday. We will be having a bday party this weekend and then will post then as well.

February 2011

Big daughter Katy has been VERY VERY ill in the hospital for the past week with a positive influenza A. THen she had a "hyper immune reactionj" meaning that all her individual organs seperatly,rather than together were fighting to fight her flu,unfortunatly all it was doing was making her sicker. Her spleen was enlarged,her liver in fected,her platelletes had dropped,she was really really sick.
She jjust got home yesterday and although is much better than hse was,she is NOT truly well. She is VERY weak,tired and aches all over,she says it feels as if she had been kicked by a horse on steroids. She will be off work for some time until she is truly better.